What is IMEI number? How to find it

What is IMEI number?

Hello friends, if you are a mobile phone user then you must have heard about the IMEI number before because it belongs to every mobile and it is an important thing of mobile, then if you do not know and are thinking that this IMEI What is the number and which is useful, then you just keep following this post because in this we will talk about what is the IMEI number? How to find it  And what does this work for and why is it important, so keeping in mind all these questions, let us know about them.

IMEI number kya hai
IMEI number kya hai


Friends, IMEI is the full form of International Mobile Equipment Identity which means Hindi, International Mobile Equipment Identification Number. Any electronic device through which phone calls or mobile internet can be used (in which we can use a SIM card) is given a number in the form of a unique identification. It is called an IMEI number. This number is only a mobile phone or Not only tablets, but also smartwatches and USB dongles. IMEI number is an identity of every mobile because it is different for everyone IMEI number is not given on the base of the SIM card but on the base of the SIM card, so if your mobile supports dual SIM then your mobile IMEI Only two numbers will be given.
IMEI number is a 15 digit number written in a specific format. Talking about the new version of IMEI, it is made up of three parts, in which the first part is TAC i.e. Type Allocation Mode and the second part is Serial Number and The third part is a check digit which is optional. A normal IMEI number looks like this – AA – BB BB BB – CC CC CC – D, with AA – BB BB BB digits appearing at the forefront ie TAC. After that CC CC CC is the second part ie Serial Number and the last one showing D is a check digit. In this entire IMEI number, only its second part i.e. Serial Number is unique.
The first part of IMEI is according to the manufacturer and model of TAC Mobile. And the last part is a check digit, that is, it checks the entire IMEI number to see if there is any mistake.

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How to find IMEI number?

Talking about mobile or tablet, it is very easy to find the IMEI number in them, for this you don’t have to do anything, just open the dialer in your mobile and dial * # 06 # this USSD code in it and all the IMEI numbers of your mobile will appear in front of you.

IMEI number kaise pata kare
IMEI number kaise pata kare
There are other ways to find IMEI number like going to phone settings, for that first open the settings in your phone. Then open About Phone. Now find the option of IMEI and click on it, you will be able to see the IMEI number of your mobile.
Apart from this, if your mobile is not running and you have to find its IMEI number, then for this you can open the battery of your phone and see it below because IMEI number book is found in most mobiles. But apart from this, if your phone has a non-removable battery or you have lost your mobile, then you can see the IMEI number easily in the top or inside the box of the mobile.

What is the use of IMEI number in your mobile?

As we have already known that IMEI number is a unique number given to every mobile device which shows its identity so that the identity of that device also remains its name, if your mobile is stolen or lost somewhere. If you go and if there is any kind of speed by the thief in it, such as calling or running the internet, then it can be tracked with your IMEI number.
Or if the track cannot be tracked, then the IMEI number can be at least blocked so that phone calls and internet cannot be used through that mobile.
If your mobile is stolen or is lost somewhere, inform the police immediately and contact your service provider as well. And at the same time, give the information of the IMEI number of your mobile to the police if needed.


Why is IMEI number so important?

As we have already talked about, IMEI number is an identity of your mobile which is recommended to your mobile number of SIM cards installed in your mobile like if your phone supports dual SIM then your mobile Two IMEI numbers will be given, i.e. separate for both SIM slots so that your mobile can be easily tracked in any slot of the mobile with a SIM card. IMEI number is also necessary to keep an identity of every mobile so that mobile phones can be saved to a great extent from theft. Apart from this, if the IMEI number is found in the hands of a hacker, he can also track your location and many things at any time, so always keep your IMEI number secret.
Apart from this, if someone tells you that he can change the IMEI number of your mobile or will remove the IMEI number from your mobile and your mobile will run without an IMEI number, do not make any such plea and with your mobile’s IMEI number Do not make any tampering or alteration as it is not easy to change the IMEI number and it can also cause your mobile to become clogged.

Benefits of IMEI Number

  • Each mobile can be given a different identity by IMEI number.
  • Through this your mobile can also be tracked.
  • Through this, your mobile operators can also block.
  • Through this, the stolen mobile can be easily found.
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