What is Operating System (OS)?

What is Operating System (OS)?

Hello friends, we all know how fast technology is moving around us and at the same time we are also getting involved with it, in such a way, we know at least basic things about it very much. it’s a good thing. With this our knowledge will also increase and we will be able to connect with technology even better and that is why today we will talk about the operating system, which you have heard many times before, why do we talk about this today and know that  What is Operating System (OS)? Keeping in mind all these questions, what are its functions and how are they, let us know about their answers.

What is Operating System (OS)?

Friends, computer runs with two things, one is hardware and the other is software, we have already talked about all these things, if you do not know about them, you can click on the link given below.

As I mentioned earlier, there are also two types of software: system software and application software. Application software is for our basic tasks, without these, the computer can run, it can do some basic tasks, but the system software needs to be in order for the computer to be operational, it is a major part of the system software.

Without an operating system, we cannot use computers in any way. The operating system must be in order for the computer to run and boot (on). The operating system provides many functions to make the computer usable. In other words, the operating system is an interface between the computer and the human being, through which we are able to give various orders to the hardware of the computer. The biggest example of the Operating System is Microsoft Windows .

Whenever you start your computer, firstly the operating system of your computer is loaded because the rest of the software cannot run without it. The world’s first operating system was built in 1956 by IBM, named GM-NAA I / O. Example of Operating Systems.

  • Windows 7
  • Windows xp
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Android KitKat
  • Linux
  • Mac OS X
  • macOS
  • Unix

Operating system functions.

There are also some such tasks of the operating system that we do not have to tell the operating system to get it done, it does it on its own, with the help of some of its functions, like if you put USB in your computer, then it will immediately show in your computer. For that you don’t have to tell him. The following is a list of some similar computer functions.

# 1. Memory management

There are two types of memory inside our computer, the first one which we use to keep our data, it is also called secondry memory such as hard disk, pen drive etc.

Apart from this, there is another memory in the computer which we do not use directly, but the computer does it is called RAM, it is also called primary memory or main memory. We use it only, it is used only when we run a program, our CPU takes data to process from this memory and all the programs run are RAM and all these programs are our The operating system only manages.

This operating system only decides which data should go in RAM, which program should be run and which program should be removed from RAM, all these tasks are covered under memory management.

#2. File management

Whatever data we keep in our computer, we keep all the files in the form and keep all these files inside directories.

The operating system keeps all these files organized or managed. Along with your data, a lot of other information is saved in the file such as file name, modifying date of the file, location of the file, status of the file and many other things that the operating system handles and the same thing comes under file management .

# 3. Device management (Input / output management)

Different types of devices are also used in our computers. Some of which are such devices, which we remove when not needed and we put them when needed. A computer has two types of devices, input and output. Through input devices, we assign a task to the computer and the operating system completes the task from the processor and through the output devices gives us the result.

Like if we give an input through the keyboard, the operating system will process the use and get it output on the display. Also the operating system tracks every device and allocates and de-allocates the devices when needed.

# 4. Process management

The computer can do the process only with the help of CPU and CPU is only one in our computer but nowadays we are in the era of multiprocessing and multi processing, we are able to do our work quickly, this is what we need to process. To manage and do this work for us, our operating system makes our operating system processor i.e. CPU to see when to give it which process.

Types of Operating System.

Single batch processing OS

This is the oldest type of operating system. This OS had to be given a task separately, meaning that you could not directly interact with it, you had to create a separate file of your task which it used to process.


Multiprocessor system

This system handles many processors that are connected to the same memory. The computing power in this system is very high, due to which we can get a lot of work done simultaneously. With the help of this system, we can do very large tasks or processes which took a lot of time to do in a pinch.

Distributed Operating System

As the name itself suggests, this operating system is distributed to different users through the network so that they can do their work easily. This operating system does not load on the host because the load is still distributed on the computer. .

Real-time operating system

Real-time OS is designed to perform critical tasks, meaning that there are some tasks that have to be done in a given time such as communicating through missile or rocket launch war etc. There are two types of real-time operating system one hard real-time and the other soft real-time. The OS that completes the given task in a given time is called hard real-time os and the new task that gives priority to it is called soft real time os.


User interface (UI) of the operating system.

There are two types of UI in the operating system, let’s know about them.

Command Line interface (CLI)

The command line interface is an old-fashioned interface used in older operating systems like MSDOS, unix, etc. In this interface, we used to give computers by writing a task command. We had to remember every command, whenever we had to do some work, we used to tell the computer by writing a command. There was no flexiblity in it at all and it was also difficult to use.

Graphical user interface (GLI)

Everyone has been able to use computers nowadays because of the graphical user interface, it has made computers flexible, simple and simple, due to which everyone is using computers nowadays. With the help of GUI, we are able to control our computer so easily. Some examples of GUI are Windows 7, macOS, android, linux.

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