Home Automobile Xiaomi is bringing an electric car!

Xiaomi is bringing an electric car!

Xiaomi is bringing an electric car!

Xiaomi is bringing an electric car! 

The worldwide electric vehicle industry is growing rapidly. Due to increasing fuel prices, most people are showing interest in electric vehicles. In view of this interest of customers, new companies are entering this segment. Now Xiaomi, a manufacturer of smartphones and electronic devices, is planning to enter this market as well. It is being claimed in the new reports that the company is working on a plan to build an electric car. 

According to the report published in iFengNews, several sources have revealed that the Chinese technology company Xiaomi is planning to manufacture an electric car. However, much information has not been revealed about this scheme yet. Sources also claimed that the scheme will be headed directly by the company’s founder and CEO Lei Jun, however, the company has not been replied to when asked about it.

2013, Lei Jun met Tesla CEO Elon Musk in the US twice, since which he has Kayas was speculating that the company could now venture into the electric vehicle industry. However, Xiaomi has not yet given any response in this matter. We are keeping an eye on this project of the company and we will keep you informed of every update related to it. 


At the same time, the demand for electric vehicles in the Indian market is also increasing. Domestic automakers Tata and Mahindra are offering their vehicles in this segment. On the other hand, Hyundai and MG Motors have increased competition in the electric vehicle market. Now, after such a technology company like Xiaomi enters the market, competition will increase even more.

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