Xiaomi Mi Air Charge – wirelessly charge smartphones remotely

Xiaomi Mi Air Charge

The Chinese technology giant Xiaomi has initiated a revolution in wireless charging with the Mi Air Charge technology . With this technology, smart phones and others can smart devices without wires to charge several meters are.

Revolution in wireless charging of electronic devices

The smartphone or tablet to load via cable of such a device is still normal for most owners currently. In a few years time, this way of charging electronic devices will seem extremely outdated to us, much like a black and white television. In the area of wireless charging , significant advances have been made in recent years, especially with the Qi chargers , with which you only have to place the smartphone on a certain surface. Qi technology is a small step forward but not yet the big breakthrough. This could now have finally succeeded with the new charging technology from Xiaomi .

Send 5 watts of energy to multiple devices at the same time

The charging station detects smart devices and charges them automatically. (Image: Xiaomi)

The Mi Air Charge technology should enable wireless charging from a greater distance . These Xiaomi has a large cargo box developed with 144 antennas equipped and via millimeter waves via beamforming battery into the phone transmits. The prerequisite is that the smartphones and tablets also have the special light signal antennas installed. A total of 14 antennas then convert the millimeter wave signal into energy . 

The charging station uses the antennas to locate the respective end device and supplies it with 5 watt energy.The radius of this technology is not specified exactly, but limited to several meters. With the Mi Air Charge technology, several devices can be charged at the same time , i.e. in a smart home these can be tablets, speakers, lamps, smartphones and much more. As soon as you are within range of the charging station, it will automatically start charging the device.

Remote wireless charging is still in its infancy

The Mi Air Charge System is not yet ready for market launch. The charging power of just 5 watts and the charging box , which is still far too large, will probably be improved in the coming months and years. Due to these teething troubles, Xiaomi has not yet given a date or price for the introduction of the Mi Air Charge charging system. However, since various other companies are already researching how to transport electricity by air, a lot will change in this area in the next few years. Once this technology is marketable, it will revolutionize the way electronic devices are charged.

Remote wireless charging explained in the video:

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