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5 Things You may Not be Doing on Instagram


Instagram is a popular social networking platform that almost everyone who is reading this post has used. Although Instagram is not for everyone, many people are addicted to double tapping and swiping on the platform. It’s a habit that develops over time. People are interested not only in what other users have submitted, but also in getting recognition for their own work. While users are gradually becoming aware of various methods for gaining traction on their social media profiles, we have created a list of tips to assist users in optimising their Instagram account for increased content engagement.

Add hashtags to your posts

Hashtags can help you attract the attention of readers who share similar interests, and using the proper hashtag increases the likelihood that your material will be seen or featured on the Trending page. To reach a large audience, it is usually advisable to include various hashtags relating to your content.

Write relevant information in your bio

Don’t forget to fill out your Instagram bio. Because your bio is the first thing a person sees when they land on your profile, it should contain essential account information. Your bio should be concise and distinct enough to pique the interest of any potential follower.

Keep a track of likes, views and comments

When you convert your personal Instagram account to a creator account, you gain access to a number of tools as well as a professional dashboard for tracking your account’s interaction. These tools assist you in determining what type of material your followers enjoy and which articles receive the most interaction. To optimise your account, you must first examine it.

How long you post’s caption should be

Before you upload anything, don’t forget to pay attention to the captions. The length of your caption varies based on how many followers your account has. According to a study, posts with no caption have greater engagement from huge accounts with over a million followers, while those with 50 characters caption get more engagement from tiny accounts with up to 10,000 followers. Emojis in your caption can influence the number of likes or views your item receives. Before you submit anything, it is recommended that you include emojis in your caption.

Use alt text feature before posting anything

This is a function that few people are aware of. Before sharing their content on Instagram, users can add alternate texts that describe it. Just before posting something, go into the advanced settings tab to enable this feature. Alternative text aids Instagram’s algorithm in determining what your post is about and to whom it is relevant.

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