YouTube Unblocked! How to Unblock YouTube at School, College or Office?

YouTube Unblocked

Well, yes you read that right. YouTube unblocked – that’s what will happen after you have done what I am about to state here. So, I recommend that you don’t just scan this page but read it a little bit carefully.

YouTube is one of the most popular site on the internet, which gets visitors in billions every month. The reason for this must be that it takes less time for a video to buffer and if you are on a slow connection, that thing is very very important.

But for many times in the past YouTube got blocked and thankfully the ban  was lifted in many countries. But still there are many countries like Pakistan, China, etc. who have banned YouTube for an indefinite time. So, without wasting anymore time, let’s get to the main thing now

YouTube Unblocked! How to Unblock YouTube at School, College or Office?

YouTube Unblocked - How to Unblock YouTube at School, College or Office?

Let’s get to the different methods now. We will first get to the free ways then to the premium ways.

1. Proxy Sites

You can use a proxy site to bypass the block easily. All you have to do is enter the URL of YouTube in the field and press enter.

And the best thing is I have compiled a list of 121 Free Proxy Sites. So, that getting through the block will be piece of cake for you.

2. Install a Browser Extension

There are many browsers extensions which lets you use their VPN service for free. All you have to do is set it up and then everything is done.

Now, one extension which is used by the most users is Hola. It is available for both, Chrome and Firefox.

You just have to install it and then click on the extension shown then just select the website you want to visit (if isn’t shown there then first click on the Popular site and then search for it here) and select from where you want to visit (the country).

There are also many alternatives to this extension like Gom, HMA, etc.

3. Downloading a Software

There are many softwares which offers free VPN services, the best one out there is Hotspot Shield. It has two versions, free and premium. The difference between the two is that free has less features and has ads but still its free service is best out there.

So, what do you do?

You just go here and download the software (less than 10 MB as of now) and just follow the onscreen instructions. That’s all!

Alternatives for this: CyberGhost VPN, VPNBook, etc.

4. TOR Browser

One of the best ways to bypass any block. TOR (The Onion Router) is basically a network where your data gets encrypted and it moves through different servers so that no one would be able to track you. And since the data is encrypted you can easily access any site on the internet with it.

So, if you would just use TOR then you will be able to access YouTube by just starting the browser and entering the URL. That’s it!

Download TOR browser from here. And if you are using Android smartphone, then download Orbot (TOR client for android).

Want to read more about it? Then go here!

5. Add the s that matters

HTTP”S” is the secure version of HTTP. And since because of this, the data you sent and receive is encrypted, this little trick might work for you to get YouTube unblocked.

So, what do you have to is quite simple. Just open this URL,

6. Buy a VPN service

YouTube Unblocked - How to Unblock YouTube at School, College or Office?

This is the best way to keeping your online activity truly anonymous. Although there are many VPNs that are free but the best ones aren’t.

So, what can you do is buy the best VPN services.

Some of which I recommend are, HMA (the best out there), PIA, etc.


This list of methods to unblock YouTube or to get YouTube unblocked has ended for now. But it will get updated every now and then with new methods so you might want to bookmark this page.

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